2024 Manufactured Home Show Recap

The annual Louisville Manufactured Home Show has come and gone and we have so much to share with you about what will be hitting the market this year! 

While we can’t spill ALL the tea right now, we’re excited to share a small portion of what you can look forward to if you’re in the market for a new manufactured home. 

A few of the hottest features you’ll see are vertical siding, black frame windows, custom range hoods, and black cabinets/accents.

Exterior Features

Coming in hot with the flashiest curb appeal on the street, we’re getting personality, plus!

You’ll find new materials for accents like stone, cedar, and tin. 

Did we mention vertical siding? 

It’s one of the biggest years for new exteriors. 

Let’s not forget about black accents galore!

We’re talking black frame windows, black doors, and black trim to make heads turn.

Interior Features

They’re taking the black features from the exterior, and bringing the party indoors. 

Black sinks, faucets, and cabinetry give these homes the perfect custom-built feel. 

The dark features aren’t taking away from the new light and bright feeling you get from the lighted bathroom mirrors. 

Possibly the favorite feature is the new addition of unique lighting. 

Yes, we mean beautiful light fixtures, but some manufacturers took this to the next level and added feature lighting in trayed ceilings. 

A total show-stopper if you ask us.

This barely scratches the surface of what you’ll see throughout this year. 

Have you heard enough and you’re ready to purchase a home with all the latest and greatest features?

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