Manufactured homes have gained popularity with individuals aspiring to own safe and high-quality homes without having to break their banks or wait for ages for construction to be completed. However, questions always arise about the safety and reliability of these homes. At Baird Homes, our manufactured and modular homes are sourced from the best builders in the industry, one of them being Commodore Corporation.

With Commodore being one of the top modular homes’ manufacturers in Northeast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions, you can rest easy knowing that your home is built to meet the highest industry standards for your safety, protection, and comfort. Below is evidence of the stability and reliability of Commodore modular homes during adverse conditions.

What Makes Commodore Manufactured and Modular Homes Weather Safe?

While manufactured and modular homes are good alternatives to site-built homes, you may still find homes that don’t measure up in terms of quality, durability, and safety. At Baird Homes, we only partner with manufacturers whose values match our dedication to quality and integrity. Commodore Corporation has been in business for over six decades and continues to grow due to its commitment to providing affordable, high-quality, and safe homes to its clients. Here is why buying our Commodore products is a logical step towards safeguarding your safety and that of your family.

  1. Extensive experience: Commodore has been in the industry since 1952. The knowledge and experience garnered over the years have enabled the company to come up with products that are in line with the changing needs of homeowners. As such, you get access to a home built to efficiently meet your needs as well as withstand any challenges presented by nature, depending on your geographical location.
  2. Highly skilled staff: Manufactured and modular homes from Commodore Corporation are built by a team of experienced technicians and experts who are specialists in their respective fields of work. Given that most structural flaws are a result of poor workmanship, Commodore seeks to minimize workmanship errors by only working with the best team. Working with experienced professionals ensures consistency in quality and craftsmanship in all homes.
  3. Technology: Commodore uses advanced technology and designs during construction for a stronger, safer home. This results inefficiency, and a house tailored to serve you and your family for longer without posing any dangers even during adverse conditions
  4. High -quality materials: With the need to provide only the best, Commodore uses high-quality building materials in the construction of its manufactured and modular homes. The building of these houses is also done in a climate-controlled environment that protects building materials from the elements which may jeopardize the quality and integrity of the final products.
  5. Inspections: Numerous inspections are also done during the building process to ensure compliance with building codes and regulations. By the time your home is delivered to you, it is a hundred percent safe for you and your family.

Stay Safe with Commodore Homes

If you are looking to purchase a manufactured or modular home built by Commodore Corporation, Baird Homes is your go-to dealer. We provide safe and affordable homes in a variety of sizes and designs to suit the different tastes and preferences of our customers. Contact us today and begin your journey towards safe and affordable homeownership.