Looking for the Best Manufactured Home Builders in Your Area?

Manufactured homes have taken a massive jump in popularity, especially over the last few decades.

We want you to be up to date with the latest and greatest in the business!

Here are four points that make the manufactured homes builders we carry the best in the industry!

Who Are the Best Manufactured Home Builders

The best builders earn their reputation by doing their research and producing a product that speaks for itself. 

Their success can also rest on the demand of the consumer (that’s YOU)! 

And then delivering on the specific vision you have to ensure you get the custom home you love.

It takes thought and preparation to become the best builders in the industry. 

Not only do they work diligently to transfer your dreams into a tangible form, but they also meet the standards required by state and HUD codes. 

Here are a few of our manufacturers that meet and exceed our expectations:

What Do Custom Manufactured Homes Bring

Custom manufactured homes will bring the “best” returns for your investment. Custom homes also provide you with:


  • The right foundation
  • Peace of mind
  • Environmental-friendly options
  • Energy-efficient spaces
  • The ability to see your vision become a reality


No matter what your style is, our builders will find a way to put it front and center. 

Whether you are traditional or modern, appreciate smaller footprints, or want the option to add on, you’ll find a solution that embodies your dream.

How the Best Manufactured Home Builders Do It All

Your dream home should double as a profitable investment. 

And the builders we carry create homes that are prepped for permanency, longevity, and meet the requirements that bring in investors.

That way, should you ever decide to sell your home, your current investment can become a future profitable success story. 

The first step is getting your dreams on paper and getting in contact with a great home consultant at Baird!

Finishing Well with Custom Manufactured Homes

How do you cross the finish line? 

Once you’ve found the best manufactured home builder for your vision, you have the ideal relay team to help you win “best-in-home.” 

The fun begins as you customize your home with hot and premium finishes. 

You may select from:

  • Different materials and styles for cabinetry
  • Wood or vinyl doors and windows
  • Types of siding
  • Varying appliance options or packages
  • Flooring finishes from carpet to hardwood
  • Kitchen and bathroom countertop materials

There is a manufactured home for every person and every situation. 

Ranch to colonial, modern or rustic, whatever your style, there’s a custom home for you. 

How much you spend is determined by you. 

Your ability to control the outcome of a build can give you the confidence you need to create your dream home. 

If you want to learn more about customization options offered by our carried manufacturers, check out this post!

In a world often plagued with open-ended questions, unknowns, and negativity, we have found a way to block out the noise and focus on your needs. 

At Baird Homes, our team of  the best manufactured home builders can be your guiding light to the dream home you’ve always reached for. 

Ready to get connected? Drop a comment below to take the first step!

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