Does coming into a Sales Center ACTUALLY help?

Shopping from the comfort of your home is very enticing and convenient, but there’s a lost sense of reality when it comes to shopping online versus in person. 

We know shopping for a home can sometimes feel like shopping for a new car.

Many retailers have adopted the “car salesman” mentality where they follow you around and shove you in any car, just to make a sale.

At Baird Homes’ Sales Centers, we don’t accept that “car salesman” tactic.

To help show you the full picture, here are 3 reasons that make coming to a Sales Center infinitely better than shopping from your couch.

1) Nothing replaces physically walking through a home

Modern technology has made it possible to get a near-life-like experience when looking at homes online. 

Virtual tours, countless photos, and floor plans allow you to see what that home looks like in real life. 

But you can only tell so much through a screen.

You can physically stand in the spaces and ask yourself questions like:

  • Will I fit comfortably in this shower/tub?
  • How well would the kid’s bunk beds fit in this space?
  • Does the home flow in person as well as it did in the photos?

Soon you’ll envision your pots and pans in the kitchen cabinets and clothes hanging in the closet and really get an understanding of what will suit you and your family. 

Walking through a physical home can also help you get a feel for the size. 

Maybe you’ve been looking at homes around 2,000 square feet, but once you walk through a home that size, you realize its vastness.

 You may think about whether you want to clean that much space.

All of which can be felt to scale when walking through a home in real life!

2) Talk with a Housing Specialist in person rather than via email

It’s simple to shoot a quick email and wait for a response, but what would take you 15 emails over five days, could be discussed in 15 minutes face-to-face.

You’ll never be able to fully grasp the full scale of customization options available when selecting a house by just emailing back and forth.

When coming to a Sales Center, you can see and feel carpet samples, cabinet textures, and hardware samples, in person!

Our Home Consultants work hard to meet you in the middle and work around your crazy schedules to make things possible.

They’ll work with you to set appointments around times that work for you.

3) Our Home Consultants don’t HAVE to walk through the homes with you

Remember when we talked about that pushy “car salesman” mentality that makes you uncomfortable?

Well, we don’t do that. 

We want you to feel comfortable when looking at potential future homes!

If you’d like a Home Consultant to stroll through the homes with you and educate you on the home’s specs and options, they’re more than happy to, and if not, they’re great to answer any questions you may have after the fact.

The point is, our Home Consultants are there to make the process as easy and smooth as possible for you, not add to the stress.

The home-buying journey is nerve-wracking, and selecting the right home for you and your family can be stressful!

Let us relieve some stress and stop by a Sales Center to take the first step, today!

Not ready to take the first step but still want to window shop? 

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