FAQ Series: What are the Benefits of Owning a Manufactured or Modular Home?

The purpose of our FAQ Series is to simplify the complicated answers to your questions about manufactured and modular homes. 

It’s no secret that manufactured and modular homes have grown in popularity over the last 25 years, and it’s not hard to see why.

Manufacturers have held onto their quick production time (compared to site-built homes) and continue to add features that make them a no-brainer for buyers from all walks of life. 

Here are 4 benefits of owning a manufactured or modular home.


Arguably the most significant benefit is affordability. 

In a world where everything is increasing in price, it’s more challenging to save up and make an investment that goes the long haul with you.

Manufactured and modular home builders have streamlined the process to the point of being able to turn around a home in as little as 6-12 months.

(It’s important to keep in mind that the timeframe can change based on supply availability and other factors.) 

Factors like these are how the industry can keep the price per square foot much lower than traditional homes.


Contrary to popular belief, manufactured and modular homes come with many customization options.

The thought that these homes are cold, empty boxes with bare-bones finishes just isn’t the case.

Buyers have a wide range of floor plans, fixtures, finishes, and interior designs to choose from (and that’s just skimming the surface of options).

You can have a specifically tailored home to fit your taste and preferences without the custom-built price tag. 

If you want a more in-depth idea of customization options, take a look at our detailed blog here.

3)Energy Efficiency

Today’s manufactured homes are designed with energy efficiency in mind. 

A wide range of features is incorporated into the construction process, such as energy-efficient appliances, insulation, windows, and heating/cooling systems. 

Homes built with such standards often minimize energy consumption, which results in lower utility bills and more money in your pocket. 

Additionally, eco-friendly upgrades such as solar panels make a great addition that enhances energy efficiency while reducing environmental impact.

4)Quick Construction Time

In comparison to traditional site-built homes, construction time for manufactured and modular homes is significantly shorter. 

External factors such as weather delays are cut to a minimum because these homes are constructed in controlled factory environments. 

The quick construction not only gets you in your new home sooner but also helps cut labor costs!

Manufactured and modular homes offer many advantages ranging from strong investments to longevity. 

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, downsizing, or seeking a more cost-effective home, a manufactured home may be your solution!

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