Hot Design Trends of 2022: 6 Part Series

Trends are constantly changing and keeping up with the times can be exhausting!

You’ll catch a glimpse of hit colors, spaces that house work and play, and some trendy styles.

Come along on this 6 part series of hot design trends that you’re going to see all over social media and your friend’s homes!

Home Offices

Starting off the series, the first trend is one that we’ve found to be the most prominent. 

Amidst the Covid Era, working from home has become more important than ever. 

So it makes sense that home offices are #1 on our list of hot design trends of 2022.

With home offices being a big factor in today’s functional home, we’ve come up with a few style and function elements to think about!

A Multi-use Space/Office

It’s important for your home to suit all your needs, which is why manufactured home builders are expanding their horizons to fit everyone’s needs.

If you’re limited on space, your kitchen table may also double as your office space.

But once dinner time rolls around, you have to uproot your entire office set up for dinner, all to set it back up again the next morning.

This gets old quick. So, having a designated space for your work from home endeavors will set you up for the best success both at home and in the office!


We love a good built-in shelf or entertainment center, but what about a built-in workspace?

You customize it exactly how you want with your ideal number of shelves, drawers, and workspace. 

If you’re looking for some trendy inspo, check out the photos below!

A home office to fit your lifestyle

We’ve talked about trends, so now let’s talk about functionality – Where you’ll get down to business!

Like shoes, desks aren’t one size fits all.

Some people need more structure or formality for their workspace, while others like a space that they can shift to their immediate needs.

Here are a few types of desks that we love and boost both your productivity and your health:

Executive Style:


These are the kings of the office. If you’re the type of person that thrives on feeling like the boss, this is the desk for you! These desks are typically more of a permanent fixture due to their large and heavy nature. They also offer the largest amount of storage space.

Writing Desk:


If you love the minimalist style or are easily distracted, then a writing desk may fit in your office seamlessly! These desks have minimal space for clutter, which means less distractions. We love this style of desk for it’s clean look!

Standing Desk:


Maybe you’re trying to make healthier choices that are better for your body and posture. If that’s the case, a standing desk may be your ideal choice! Although it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing choice, its versatility definitely makes up for it in the long run.


A space designed for you, by you

More than anything, we want to see you in a home that will fit your lifestyle. By posing the right questions, we hope to inspire new ideas you haven’t considered before.

In an area where you’re going to spend so much of your time, you should feel comfortable and productive.

And make it yours! Add those plants or the bright pop of color to make you smile in the mornings. 

Before you know it, you’ll be living your best life in a home found by Baird.

We want to hear from you! 

Drop a comment below of some design trends you feel are a hit in 2022!

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