Hot Design Trends of 2022

If you’re just joining the series, welcome! 

The first trend we touched on was about home offices! How they fit into your dream home and how to fit it to your lifestyle.

You can find the link to that post here.

If you’re following along, here’s the second major trend making a splash in 2022: Maximalism



This wasn’t a term we were familiar with to begin with, but as we’ve learned more, it’s a hit for sure. 

The best way to describe this stylish trend is: Victorian meets the 70s.

You’re probably wondering if maximalism is just the opposite of minimalism… 

Wonder no more, the answer is absolutely yes!

“Less is more” was the slogan with minimalism, but we find that maximalism is claiming “more is more” as its slogan.

Don’t be turned off yet, because this style has a lot to offer with its many variations and ways to add pieces to highlight your unique style.

Maximalism is all about expression to the fullest. Think bright colors and loud patterns.

Maximalism’s Many Variations

Expression of character has everyone on the hunt for what they’re all about.

Maximalism consists of many different styles and influences coming together to make a trend.

When these styles and influences come together, depending on the balance, there may be a greater modern or classic influence. 

The two most prominent influences that we saw and became more popular variations of maximalism are vintage and boho.

  • Boho is very organic and down to earth. Within this variation, you’ll see more nods to the 70s and hippie sense of style.
  • The vintage variation takes repurposing to the next level. Old furniture, picture frames, and figurines given a new life with the new trend.

Curved Lines and Rounded Archways

An architectural element that stands out with this trend is its attention to detail. 

You’ll see more curved lines on not just furniture, but in the home! 

Between rooms, there’ll be smooth rounded archways that showcase the structure while dividing the space.

The photos below are a few examples of what’s on the market!

The Maximalist Color Palette

The color scheme in a maximalist home consists of two main categories: bright colors and mixed patterns.

In terms of patterns, bright greens and blues are prominent and abstract patterns and florals are major hits. 

And you’ll really find your stride in the niche if you mix or layer them in the same room.

Maximalism in Your Home

In a world of constant change, why not be uniquely you?

In a place where you spend so much of your time, make it something you’re proud of.

Experiment with your own version of maximalism. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the trend setter for the next variation!

Mix your buffalo plaid with the old floral pillows or a crisp geometric print wallpaper on the same wall as your perfectly curved archways. 

Maximalism may be for those with an acquired taste, but we love the quirkiness of the trend.

We want to know more! Do you think this trend will be a hit or miss in 2022? 

Leave a comment below to let us know!


Keep an eye out for the third trend that we’re super excited about for 2022.

Hint, hint, it involves… outdoor living! You’re going to want to make a point to read this one!

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