How Custom is a Custom Home from Baird?

The manufactured home industry has made undeniable progress over the last decades, but especially since the 1960s.

From exterior elements to interior styles, there’s a level of customization to fit every taste. 

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of having a pantry with a sliding barn door, a luxurious master bath, or even exposed interior beams. 

Our goal is to put you in the driver’s seat so that you can bring your Pinterest board custom home to life.

Here you’ll find a few examples of how Baird can help you customize your way into your dream home, all while staying within your budget!

Exterior Features 

Advancements in the industry have made it even easier for the homebuyer to customize their home more than ever.

Manufacturers work tirelessly to offer customization options for everyone. 

You can also explore options of adding sections (also known as ‘additions’) to your home, like additional bedrooms or a garage.

Many new homes offer porches and decks, making it possible to expand your living space from the indoors, to out! 

With all the options available today, many manufactured and modular homes fool people into thinking they’re site-built houses.

Here are a few areas you can customize the exterior appearance of your home:

  • Roof Pitch
  • Dormers
  • Eyebrows
  • Insulation
  • Shingles (three-tab or architectural)
  • Color of siding
  • Door type
  • Floor/wall insulation
  • Porches

Interior Features

For many, your home is a statement, a testament to your lifestyle, and we agree that you should play the primary role in making it feel like yours. 

That’s why, just like the exterior, manufacturers have made it possible to make the interior your own, too.

It’s never been easier to have the gourmet-style kitchen you’ve had your heart set on and be able to entertain with a wide-open floor plan.

You can easily find yourself in a luxury spa-like bathroom featuring Amazon rain showers and premium garden tubs.

There are tons of features you can add to your unique floor plan. You’ll find a few of our favorite examples below:

  • Fireplace
  • Kitchen island
  • Farmhouse sink
  • Upgraded kitchen appliances
  • Double sink vanities
  • Built-in entertainment center
  • Basement/attic stairwell
  • Free-standing tub
  • Wall Texture

This only skims the surface of what you can do to make a house, YOUR HOME.

What’s next?

To find out more about customization options, stop in at your local Baird Homes Sales Center to chat with a Home Consultant. 

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