Modular and Manufactured Home Installations

At Baird Homes, we do our best to eliminate and take unexpected problems out of the hands of homeowners. We offer essential delivery and installation services that are up to HUD, State and County codes plus additional services that can be all inclusive.

Baird’s installation packages are up to code for single and multi-section homes. All of our new manufactured and modular homes includes delivery, required foundation system, home setup to code, central air installation (if desired), and manufacturer included appliances. Our customers have the responsibility to provide required permits and arrange for final utility connections.


Modular & Manufactured
Multi-Section Homes

Price on Multi-Section Manufactured Homes Includes:

Delivery & Home Set
Central Air Installed
Concrete Footer
Skirting or Block Perimeter if added

*Rough backfill included with block perimeter

Manufactured Single
Section Homes

Price on Single Section Units Typically Includes:

Delivery & Home Set
Central Air Installed



Additional Manufactured & Modular Home Installation Options

(Not Included)


Concrete Footers (Single Section)


Porches and additions

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