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Looking for affordable housing in Madison, IN? You can never go wrong with Baird’s manufactured & modular homes. Other than being affordable, you also get to enjoy all the benefits associated with traditional stick-built houses. Manufactured houses, are similar but not the same as modular houses, as they are built off-site in accordance with the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) building code. Modular homes are built off-site in a climate-controlled factory setting as well but adhere to a stricter state guideline.

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Adventure 6562N Stock #284
2 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
868 SQFT
56' x 15'6"
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Fortune 2860-205 Stock #268
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
1489 SQFT
56' x 26'8"
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Adventure 4403C Stock #260
2 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
1067 SQFT
40' x 26'8"
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Adventure 4603CD Stock #274
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
1600 SQFT
60' x 26'8"
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About Baird Homes in Madison, Indiana

Since 1947, Baird Homes has been one of Indiana’s leading providers of modular & manufactured homes. Our experience, honesty, unmatched expertise, and commitment to our customers are summarized in our company motto: Quality and integrity since 1947.

As a fourth-generation family company, our mastery of off-site buildings has been continuously sharpened over the past 70 years. Our team of professional housing specialists are always on standby to help turn your dreams into a beautiful reality.

We also assist you with all the necessary paperwork and regulatory requirements to ensure a smooth process. Our reputation for offering the highest quality manufactured homes precedes us. With Baird Homes, you know the cost of everything ahead of time.

What Are the Benefits of Manufactured & Modular Homes?

Baird’s modular & manufactured homes in Madison have several benefits, including:


Manufactured & modular homes cost significantly less than stick-built homes for the same housing experience. This translates to lower monthly payments if you finance the house. Unlike traditional homes, owning land is not a requirement for building a modular or manufactured home. You can set it up in a community specially designed to host such dwellings.


At Baird Homes, we work with home builders who create these modular and manufactured homes using the most suitable green materials. In addition to conserving the environment, you’ll also benefit from cost savings. Our streamlined manufacturing and installation process results in minimal wastage and lower noise and dust levels. Our product is built with materials that will continue your energy savings through the life of the home.


These homes are assembled in climate-controlled factories to conform to the highest engineering standards. This environment allows the structure to be appropriately sealed against unwanted air intake or loss. Air leakage is one of the biggest causes of energy loss.  Your Madison home can have energy-efficient options such as compatibility with Energy Star appliances, high-quality insulation, and thermal windows.

Easily Customized

Another great benefit of Baird Homes is how easy it is to customize. This goes beyond choosing floor plans. You can change both the interior and exterior of your house. At Baird, we have a variety of model homes and a team of housing specialists awaiting to hear your desires. Experiencing them gives you a realistic idea of what your own home will look like, as well as what features you should add or remove.

Warranty Plans & Service

New homes that are sold through Baird Homes of Madison generally come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. The staff at Baird will assist you in utilizing your warranty if the need arises.

Traditional Mortgage

To qualify for this option, your modular or manufactured home must be permanently based on land that you own. The advantages of a conventional mortgage include low-interest rates and relatively lenient lending terms and conditions.

FHA Mortgage

This one is also advanced only to homes that are titled to the land on which they sit. Although the mortgage loan term can’t exceed 30 years, it has favorable terms. These include a low-down payment of 3.5% minimum and looser credit standards.

Chattel Mortgage

This option is suitable if you lease the land on which your modular or manufactured home will sit on, or plan to put your home in a living community. Your house is classified as personal rather than real property. Interest rates are generally slightly higher compared to the other mortgage types.


*Non-Occupant co-sign programs available

Building Your Manufactured or Modular Home in Madison, IN

At Baird Homes, we work closely with you to ensure you get your dream home. Highly skilled craftsmen from our plethora of manufacturers complement our large variety of home styles, designs, and floor plans. Our main objective is to ensure our modular and manufactured homes meet all your housing needs. Whatever your lifestyle or taste, Baird has the perfect solution.

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