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For over 70 years, our family-owned and operated business has been helping homeowners eliminate the hassles of home ownership or home building! You’ll never be surprised by hidden charges. At Baird Homes, you’ll know the exact price of your home before you sign a fully disclosed contract. We provide you with full disclosure. You’ll know everything that is included in the final price of your home – whether you purchase a display model or a special ordered home! Your final price is comprehensively detailed on all purchase agreements.

We can assist with all the necessary requirements for placing your new home. That’s everything, from clearing your land to delivery, plumbing, and completing the final fit and trim. We work with a team of state-certified installers and foundation contractors so you can rest assured that your home will meet or exceed all foundation and construction codes. Our goal is to provide you with the best home buying experience possible!

Our commitment to quality is why we’ve been in business since 1947. At Baird Homes, we provide homeowners with the highest-quality manufactured homes at great prices! Our affordable homes are beautiful, offer quality construction and materials, are energy efficient and feature all the modern conveniences, technology, and design.




What is a Manufactured Home?


A manufactured home can be one of the most affordable ways to create your dream house! Thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques, manufactured homes today offer much more customization and luxury than ever before!

A manufactured home is largely assembled in a factory climate-controlled environment, attached to a steel transport frame with wheels for transportation. These are then removed when set on a foundation system. If the manufactured home is made up of multiple sections, they are assembled on site by certified installers. Manufactured homes rival site-built homes in terms of options, sturdiness, materials, and affordability.

Today’s manufactured housing is highly regulated by federal HUD guidelines and local building codes. With quality, durability, safety, and affordability of highest concern, a federal building code administered by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development has set regulation on everything from energy efficiency to fire resistance. Therefore, a manufactured home is safe, sturday, energy-efficient, and inspected!

What is a Modular Home?


A modular home is the closest alternative to site-built in the factory-built housing industry. Modular homes are constructed in factory similar to manufactured homes, but are regulated and must comply with all local, state, and regional building codes.

The final product is transported to the building site, unattached then lifted off the transport carrier with a crane, and placed on a permanent foundation system which has been approved by your local building inspector. The finishing work such as final duct work and plumbing are completed by licensed sub-contractors. They are then inspected to ensure all construction adheres to state regulations with all work completed up to standard.




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