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Manufacturer Highlight Series: Adventure Homes

Adventure Homes is a hard-hitting manufacturer, creating luxurious homes with the customer in mind at an affordable cost.

They have a remarkable story that showcases their dedication to their customers and employees, while creating a top notch product and work environment.


Mojave Series Adventure Homes Model

Here’s the story!

And if you want to learn more, check out their website here!

Adventure Homes story started in 2009. Adventure’s history is steeped in supportive management, a people first culture and quality of product. 

With a keen focus on safety, cleanliness and skills, Adventure believes that it has the best of the best in the industry which is the foundation of building a great home for you. 

By having the best quality people and best quality working environment they believe they produce the best quality home. Every employee at Adventure Homes accepts nothing less in each other, and themselves.


Modern farmhouse style living room with fireplace.


Adventure Homes’ motto  is “Luxury and Comfort for Less.” They say, “You cannot just buy quality; it must be built one floor, one wall, and one home at a time.”

Their stance oh how they do business fit’s in perfectly with how Baird strives to do business.

Baird Homes has been selling Adventure Homes for over 10 years, since their opening day to be exact. We commit to selling quality at a fair price. Our customers love Adventure Homes for the luxury feel and quality manufacturing. 

The most popular floors plans we offer include:



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