At Baird, our partnership with Fleetwood Homes has been a resounding success. Fleetwood Homes is renowned for making the highest quality products. If you already own or are thinking of buying their housing solutions, take precautions to ensure your investment lasts.

What’s the Life Expectancy of Fleetwood Manufactured Homes?

One of the most significant determinants of a manufactured home’s durability is exactly what it’s used for. Are you buying a house that you’ll live in full time, or do you intend to make it a vacation home? Are you planning to rent it out? According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), manufactured homes last between 30 to 55 years. The actual lifespan depends on how well you take care of it, among various other factors.

5 Factors That Affect the Lifespan of Fleetwood Manufactured Homes

  1. Quality of Materials Used

Although most manufactured homes are built using metal and wood, some modern designs are made of concrete and natural slate. The more robust the materials used, the more durable your home will be. Higher quality materials also result in a longer lifespan.

  1. The Manufacturing Process

They tend to have better structural integrity because they’re built in factories using precision equipment without interference from the elements. Fleetwood‘s manufactured homes are made through controlled manufacturing, which meets the highest federal and state building codes. This makes them more durable than most other housing solutions.

  1. Level of Insulation

Improving technology means modern manufactured homes are better at withstanding certain challenging conditions. These include extreme weather, heat, water, dust, and cold. Manufactured homes are easier to insulate, unlike site-built houses whose building materials are exposed to the elements. Other than increasing their lifespan, you also avoid problems associated with poor insulation. These include mold, regular illnesses, high energy costs, and general discomfort.

  1. Maintenance

As with other structures and machines, your home’s lifespan is determined by how well you take care of it. Regular, detailed maintenance adds years or even decades to your Fleetwood manufactured home’s lifespan. The roof prevents water, heat, and debris from damaging the entire structure.

Each season has its maintenance challenge. During winter and the rainy season, ice buildup and water pools can damage your roof and foundation. Falling leaves can also put unwanted pressure on the roof if you don’t remove them regularly. By remaining on top of all regular maintenance, there is no limit to how long a Fleetwood Home could last you!

  1. Initial Installation

Other than high-quality manufacturing, the initial installation of your manufactured home affects its lifespan. Once at the site, installation is done by experienced and highly skilled laborers.

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Manufactured Home

From the above points, your personal choices play a huge role in determining your Fleetwood manufactured home’s lifespan. Here’s what you can do to extend it:

Have It Inspected Regularly: Ideally, you should have your manufactured home professionally inspected at least once a year. This identifies minor problems that could potentially snowball into structural issues if left unattended. It would be best if you also examined it after major natural incidents. This ensures that it’s level and the foundation is strong.

Install in a Suitable Location: Make sure your home is installed on a site that is easily accessible and can be leveled. A surveyor should mark the boundaries so that your general contractor knows how much space they’ll work with. If the land around your Fleetwood manufactured home is sloped, it will drain water more efficiently and prolong its lifespan.

Install Skirting or Perimeter Wall: This will protect your house against damage caused by pests, as well as insulate it. Other than saving energy costs, this makes your home appear more beautiful. It also protects pipes and other installations from being affected by the elements. Overall, it makes your house last longer.

The key to having a long-lasting Fleetwood manufactured home is being keen on maintenance.

Baird Homes is proud to partner with Fleetwood homes. As a dealer, installer, and general maintenance expert, we can vouch for their high-quality products. Their manufactured homes not only meet the highest HUD standards, but they also last for decades. If durability is your main concern, you can never go wrong with us. Contact us today for more information on our high-quality housing solutions.