Modular homes continue to be the go-to option for individuals who want to own a home fast without having to spend much on it. This is because they are a more affordable option compared to site-built homes and come loaded with perks such as flexibility and durability. While most people associate “low-cost” with poor quality, the cost-effectiveness of modular homes cannot be subjected to this judgment. Here are seven reasons modular homes are so affordable, and it has nothing to do with compromised quality or poor workmanship.

  1. Bulk Purchasing of Building Materials

When building your home from the ground up, you always need to get enough materials for that particular project to avoid wastage. Modular home manufacturers, on the other hand, construct multiple homes at any given time, which creates the need to purchase building materials in bulk. Buying materials in wholesale cut down on the cost per item, enabling the manufacturer to acquire high-quality materials at lower prices.

Savings from bulk purchases are then passed on to homebuyers, helping reduce the financial strain that comes with buying or constructing a house. What’s more, manufacturers also take advantage of their extensive networks to source for the best materials at lower prices. This may not be possible if you go shopping at your local stores for your site-built home.

  1. Energy Efficiency 

While manufactured homes may cost less during initial acquisition, their cost-effectiveness doesn’t end there. Living in a modular home can also cheaper than living in a site-built home, thanks to its energy efficiency. This way, you get to own and live in a home without having to stretch your budget.

Modular homes are constructed with some of the best and latest technologies to cut on energy costs and promote environmental sustainability. Most modular homes feature Energy Star rated appliances and HVAC systems, as well as upgraded insulation, which plays a significant role in reducing your energy expenses.

  1. Low Maintenance

If you are looking to save, buying a low-cost house that ends up eating into your finances in maintenance cost defeats the purpose. The construction of modular homes is done to the highest standards there are, using the best available materials and workmanship.

As building materials like timber are kept in a climate-controlled environment means they are protected from the elements that may jeopardize their integrity. This results in a high-quality home that will serve you and your family for years without subjecting you to costly repairs and maintenance. What’s more, most manufacturers offer extended warranties for their products to further shield you from the financial shocks of emergency repairs.

  1. Short Building Timeframe

Since modular homes are constructed in a climate-controlled factory, there are no incidences of delayed construction arising from factors such as adverse weather conditions. This means that work gets to be done much faster. Site preparation can also go on as the house is being constructed, cutting down the time taken to complete the construction and installation of the house. With these conditions, labor costs per working hour are highly reduced, which then reflects on the final price of the home.

  1. Low Labor Costs

Generally, a modular home takes less time to construct and install, leading to a low cost per work-hour on every individual working on it. The efficiency that comes with specialization also contributes immensely to reduced labor costs. This is because the people constructing modular homes only engage in the specific tasks that they specialize in. This builds expertise, reducing the training costs of employees as well as the overall costs of labor.

  1. Less Wastage

Manufactured homes are usually made with environmentally friendly materials that can be easily recycled and re-used. This minimizes wastage of materials, and the manufacturers don’t necessarily have to buy more or discard the ones that remain. When building your home onsite; however, you usually end up buying additional building materials in case the existing ones get damaged. Whether they serve the purpose or end up as a surplus, you will have spent more money than you needed during construction.

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